Helioptero Austo-Hungaro PKZ-2 - 1a.Guerra Mundial



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Kit em plastico para montar e pintar, escala 1/72, nivel 5, não inclui tintas ou cola. Decais para 1 versão, sendo:Austro-Hungarian tethered helicopter of the World War I period. The first helicopter that managed to carry out a long flight and to climb at a height of 50 m was the PKZ2 machine designed by Major Stefan von Petrochi, Professor Theodore von Karman, and Engineer Wilhelm Tzurovtz. The machine was equipped with three 120-hp Le Rhone rotary engines mounted on a tube frame. The engines drove two propellers. When flying, the helicopter was also able to fix using three special ropes and a mechanical winch. The picture shows the demonstration flight of the helicopter during a visit of top military officers to the Liptak plant near Budapest on June 10, 1918. Because of its originality, the technical solution had a lot of drawbacks, because of which the tests were stopped as early as June 21, 1918, and the project was cancelled.